Buyer Persona Examples: What Experts Should Tell You But Don't

Michael Kawula

Have you ever done a search for buyer persona examples?

If you have, you’d know there are hundreds of thousands of results.

Tons of so-called experts will pop up, all regurgitating one anothers nonsense.

In-fact, most leave out what is crucial to ensure you have success in your marketing efforts and at the end of the day ring the register.

A quick Google search results in a lot of buyer persona templates where you can stencil in your buyer persona.

It’s as though they think you’ll hang it on your refrigerator and all of a sudden feel all warm and toasty inside (yes that’s a Tommy Boy reference). 

But we know that’s nonsense.

What you’re really looking to achieve when creating a b2b buyer persona is a better understanding of who you’re talking to in your marketing efforts.

This way whether you’re cold emailing, running ads or creating content, you know how to best create whatever it is to speak directly to that persona’s desires.

Here’s the catch in the b2b world.  

You actually have multiple different decision makers in the buying process. 

Watch this following video on the different buyer persona examples to see how you can dramatically improve your marketing with this tweak and then let’s continue!

What is a Buyer Persona

A B2B buyer persona is a profile of your ideal customer.

This will include firmographic, demographic, goals, behaviors, motivations (big one) and so much more information.

Taking the time to complete this prior to starting any marketing campaign will save you money and make your marketing spend/efforts more effective.

You want to learn as much about their job description and what they’re truly concerned about.

What are their needs? Is the buyer actually using your product or service or are they someone making the decision because they handle the financials for the company?

These are two completely different buyer personas.

Take Shawn’s example in the video of the end user. They’re much more interested in ease of use. They care about if the product or service will help them do their job better to hit their goals. 

Let’s say you’re doing cold email outreach to this persona. If you started writing the email as if you were emailing the financial decision maker, your email will fail.

Remember each buyer persona has different concerns or questions. The more relevant your messaging to that persona, the better your campaign will perform. 

Let’s go over the 4 main B2B buyer personas next. 

4 Different B2B Buyer Personas

The number of decision makers in the b2b buying process is increasing annually.

In-fact, according to a Harvard Business Review study:

“The number of people involved in B2B solutions purchases has climbed from an average of 5.4 two years ago to 6.8 today, and these stakeholders come from a lengthening roster of roles, functions, and geographies.”

This means companies will pull the trigger slower and spend more time doing research.

The better you answer their concerns with your content, the better you’ll perform. 

Here’ the 4 main B2B decision makers:

  1. End-User: This is the person who will be using your product or service. They care about your product or service making their job more efficient and easier. They also are possibly concerned about how easy your product or service is to use. Will it make other parts of their job more difficult?
  2. Decision-Maker: This is the person who will be approving whether the company does business with you or not. They want to see examples of how you’ve helped other similar companies do the same thing. Guess what, they also care will you make them look good for investing in your product or service. 
  3. Financial-Authority: This is the person that will approve the budget and pays for your product or service. They care about terms and conditions (yuk), guarantees, expected ROI, payment plans, credit and return policies. 
  4. Researcher: C-Suites will occasionally have a researcher whose sole job is to research the different solutions available for the company needs. They have to bring back a list of choices to the ultimate decision makers and thus you have to make that list. They care about everything mentioned above but in a simpler format. 
Content formula

Research proves that business executives don’t mind receiving an unsolicited email as long as it’s relevant to their job, life, or interest.

If you take the time to follow this process, not only will you be more effective with your marketing outreach but you’ll save a tremendous amount of time. 

Conclusion: B2B Buyer Persona Examples

Marketers who take the time to thoroughly understand who their buyer is, greatly outperform those that don’t and see their Sales Rocket. 

The process really isn’t that hard and if you're doing any type of cold email outreach, you should strongly consider doing this. 

As shared above, research shows that business decision makers don’t mind getting cold emails if it’s RELEVANT.

The better you go through to learn about your different personas interests and concerns, the better you’ll craft your outreach. The result of better outreach is higher replies, more booked meetings and ultimately more closed sales. It will also greatly protect your email reputation!

Remember, just because SalesRocket offers unlimited b2b records, this isn’t the wild wild west. 

Take the time to go through this exercise and when pulling data from our system for your outreach, take the time to target specific job titles, company size, narrow the industry choices and utilize all the different data field choices as possible. 

Remember you can run unlimited campaigns, so make each one more specific to that buyer persona and you’ll see your SalesRocket!

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Written by
Michael Kawula
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