How to Stop Emailing Spam (Top Spam Words To Avoid)

Michael Kawula

Let’s chat quickly about how to stop emailing spam. 

First, plain and Simple… Cold Email Works! Done well as a B2B marketer, cold email should be one of your lowest cost of acquisition for customers.

The purpose of this quick document isn’t to sell you on cold email because we’ll assume you already know the value.

Instead, this resource is designed to help you avoid the biggest death of cold emailers and that’s not hitting the inbox of your intended prospect.

We all know the famous book, Death of a Salesman. 

Well consider this post Death of a Cold Emailer if you include too many of the spam words we’re about to review. 

It doesn’t matter how well you’ve written an email if the intended recipient never sees it. You see most businesses avoid cold email.  They see it as too many steps involved. 

Then you have a small percentage that figures out those steps. They eagerly launch a campaign and fail because of one of many reasons:

1. Sending a high number of emails immediately

2. Not warming up a new email address

3. Bad email list (wrong email, bounces, spam traps)

4. Targeting and buying data that doesn’t match your ideal customer profile

5. Poor email open rates

6. No or a low reply rate to your email

7. Email contains spam words

There are many reasons why a campaign might not work such as poor subject lines, bad copy, lack of trust, no follow up emails and a host of other reasons.

That can all be improved upon easily during your campaigns to guarantee success but only if you hit the inbox of your prospect. What you don’t want though is to burn your email address!

The remainder of this document will focus strictly on spam words to avoid in your cold emails.

Top Spam Trigger Words

This is a list of words to avoid when crafting your emails. 

This isn’t just words to leave out of your subject line, but throughout your email. 

When cold emailing, based on our data of sending over 100,000,000 emails, what we’ve found to work the best are short emails that avoid the following words below. 

Also, please make your emails are more human and conversational (like you’d email friends and family). 

Please note that including one of these ‘words’ might not trigger an alert that puts your email in spam but using a combination of the words below, most certainly will. 

Do your best to avoid these keywords and watch your analytics closely to ensure the other metrics such as opens, clicks and replies are trending in a positive direction. 

There are many other metrics email providers are looking at, but if you nail down what we’ve mentioned and avoid using too many of the following words/phrases, you’ll have greater success. 

1. Act now

2. Please read

3. Cancel anytime

4. Cancel at any time

5. No questions asked

6. Congratulations

7. Do it now

8. Don’t delay

9. Exclusive deal

10. We hate spam

11. Will not believe your eyes

12. No cost

13. Get started now

14. Zero risk

15. Buy

16. Free

17. Ending soon

18. Ending today

19. 50% off

20. Click here

21. Less than 24 hours

22. Almost out

23. Why pay more

24. Please reply

25. We honor all

26. Save big money

27. While supplies last

28. Visit our website

29. Save up to

30. Special promotion

31. You have been selected

32. Access for Free

33. Accept all credit cards

34. Take action now

35. Subscribe for free

36. What are you waiting for

37. Subscribe now

38. Urgent

39. Affordable deal

40. Full refund

41. Clearance

42. Free access

43. This isn’t a scam

44. You’ve been selected

45. Free gift

46. New customers only

47. You are a winner

48. Call now

49. Cannot be combined with

50. Drastically reduced

51. Free quote

52. Here’s the information you requested

53. Claim your discount

54. No obligation

55. Free offer

56. Limited supply

57. No experience needed

58. Bargain

59. Accept credit cards

60. Act immediately

61. Action required

62. No purchase necessary

63. See for yourself

64. For instant access

65. Have you been turned

66. Offer expires

67. This won’t last


69. You won’t be disappointed

70. Once in a lifetime

71. One hundred percent

72. Incredible deal

73. Click below

74. Not selling anything

75. No hidden costs

76. No hidden fees

77. Hurry

78. Price protection

79. Apply now

80. As seen on

81. Join millions

82. Satisfaction guaranteed

83. One time

84. Free trial

85. Bonus

86. We’re just giving it away

87. Click to remove

88. Pre-approved

89. Work from home

90. Don’t delete

91. Important information regarding

92. This isn’t spam

93. Information you requested

94. Instant

95. For only $

96. No catch

97. No hidden charges

98. Get started

99. Limited time offer

100. Get paid

101. Giveaway

102. Lowest price

103. Promise

104. Discount

105. Free installation

106. Free setup

107. Double your income

108. Make money

109. Purchase

110. $$$

111. Buy now

112. Pennies a day

113. Risk-free

114. Save today

115. Increase sales

116. Guarantee

117. Earn money

118. !!!

119. #1

120. 100% Free

121. 99.9%

122. 99%

123. 0% Risk

124. 50% off

125. Just 4U

126. Avoid bankruptcy

127. Cash bonus

128. Double your

129. Best price

130. Fast cash

131. Order

132. Order now

133. We accept credit cards

134. Earn per week

135. Extra income

136. Financial freedom

137. Winner

138. Win

139. Won

140. Compete for your business

141. You’re a Winner!

142. Home based

143. Home employment

144. No fees

145. No investment

146. Serious cash

147. Work at home

148. All natural

149. While you sleep

150. Compare rates

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Written by
Michael Kawula
Chief Evangelist at SalesRocket. Author, Marketer & Entrepreneur. Previous company was ranked #144th fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine