Is Marketing Dead (Try the 70/20/10 Marketing Strategy)

Michael Kawula
April 1, 2021

Is marketing dead or just maybe it’s our marketing strategy that’s dead.

In marketing, what worked yesterday most likely won’t work tomorrow.

I’m sure you’ve had it happen to you.

You set up a few marketing campaigns and one of them takes off.

Life is good (really good). 

But as the saying goes, all good things  come to an end.

All of a sudden your campaign stops performing and leads and/or sales begin to dry up. 

Now you are back to the drawing board, starting all over.

Testing new campaigns, until you find one that’s the winner again. 

This rollercoaster experience is frustrating and can kill a business.

So what’s a rocketer to do? 

Well that’s what we’ll discuss with today’s SalesRocket expert. 

First let’s give a quick introduction to Conrad Zolman. 

Who is Conrad Zolman

Conrad Zolman is the Placement Director at GruntWorkers

He helps agencies, CMOs, consultants, and in-house digital marketing managers source overseas marketing teams.

Grunt Workers is SUPER COOL because they do the ‘grunt work’ of digital marketing.

What I like about Grunt is each worker is vetted with a minimum of 2 or more years of experience but at a FRACTION of the cost. 

Let’s jump into what Conrad had to share today to help your SalesRocket!

The two topics he dove into are:

  1. 70/20/10 Marketing Strategy
  2. Reorganize your teams

Is Marketing Dead (Try 70/20/10 Marketing Strategy)

Is marketing dead? 

No, not at all, but your marketing strategy very well might be. 

As we know marketing fatigue is real. 

The average individual is seeing almost 10,000 ads a day and if you repeatedly show the same message over and over the effectiveness begins to die. 

You’ve got to mix it up and always be testing, even when you’re performing great. 

As we know with any marketing strategy we’ve got to be patient and give an ad some time to perform. But once you’ve found that sweet spot, Conrad recommends only putting 70% of your ad budget behind that strategy. 

He recommends then taking 20% and trying to mix up the messaging a bit. If your ad that is performing is more serious, try adding some humor and head over to iWorker to have them create some new images to mix the ad up a bit.

That leaves you with the last 10% to spend. 

This is your moonshot spend. If it doesn’t work, no big deal.

But if this 10% works, well this might be a complete new way of marketing your product. 

Get crazy, get weird and be outrageous with this 10% because it just might be your Purple Cow. 

Reframe Your Day For Higher Productivity

Conrad's other tip for helping you make your SalesRocket is reframe how you scale your team or spend your time during the day. 

If you have a budget, consider changing up how you structure your team. 

Streamline your process whether it’s in marketing or sales. 

Let the closers do what they do best and let the hunters do what they do best. 

With marketing let the marketing fulfillment specialist do their magic while the marketing strategy is done by that magician.

Many times, whether it’s in sales or marketing we begin to overlap and take on responsibilities outside our area of expertise. This slows growth.

Now, if you don’t have a budget for a team, block your time throughout the day. 

Personally I’m a fan of the Pomodoro Technique and will typically work on only one task for 50 minutes and then I take a 10 minute stretcher. 

During this 50 minutes my phone is turned over on mute to limit distractions and messaging on my computer is off. As for the number of tabs I have open (that’s another story for another day). 

Conclusion: Is Your Marketing Dead

Your marketing isn’t dead, but you can improve by both testing frequently and optimizing your productivity for better performance. 

Your marketing campaigns will eventually go stale. 

Keep 70% of your budget on what’s working, use 20% to mix things up a bit and take the final 10% to try something outrageous (remember purple cow).

Lastly, watch how you spend your day. If you have a team, ensure each team member is maximizing their core competencies. If you don’t have a team, structure your time accordingly so you’re not jumping from one task, to another and back to the original. 

Do you feel either of these strategies will help your SalesRocket? Let Conrad know your thoughts by clicking here.  

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Written by
Michael Kawula
Chief Evangelist at SalesRocket. Author, Marketer & Entrepreneur. Previous company was ranked #144th fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine