A Stealthlike LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Too Smart To Ignore

Michael Kawula

Let’s talk about a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy too smart to ignore.

The opportunity on LinkedIn is absolutely HUGE.

The problem though is you definitely don’t want to be one of ‘those’ marketers who hit someone up immediately upon accepting a connection request. 

We all get them from someone who just feels that the spray and pray approach will be their LinkedIn marketing strategy. 

Well it doesn’t work and truthfully they just ruin any possibility for a business relationship with those who’ve accepted their LinkedIn invitation.

On the flip side of the annoying ineffective machine gun type approach, you have those who never pull the trigger.

These wanna be marketers sit there on their computer with the LinkedIn tab open waiting for that new connection to message them.

They wait and wait and wait (you get the point)!

These characters probably just spent a fortune hiring some guru to optimize their LinkedIn profile and assume that will open up the holy grail of new business.

It won’t!

So what’s a sales person to do? 

Well you’re in for a treat because you're about to hear from Darrel Weekes whose LinkedIn Marketing Strategy is absolutely brilliant.

A Simple Brilliant LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Let’s recap Darrell’s LinkedIn marketing philosophy he shared in the video and then let’s dive into what he shared at 6:17 minutes in (hopefully you caught it).

So Darrell’s LinkedIn strategy is pretty simple, but what makes it so effective is his use of video and humor. 

His opening line:

I hoped you might consider Linkingin (is that even a word?) with a fellow marketing professional.”

I personally chuckled when hearing him use the word Linkingin (FYI I love Gin).

After some additional brief text is a video. 

Initially I didn’t watch the video but did respond as a marketer to see if he was using any automation and what his reply rate was. 

That started a wonderful conversation which in-turn after some research to ensure validity, led to this interview. 

This approach as Darrell shared gets 70-80% accepting his connection request. 

I’ve tested something similar and here’s the results:

It’s that reply rate one should shoot for in my opinion because it starts that conversation and that is everything. 

Now if you don’t receive a reply the next step is adding value with something relevant Darrell shared. Ask yourself, how often are you doing this with your new connections? 

Remember this also, which Darrell does brilliantly with any outreach on LinkedIn with a new connection. Get a reply from that individually by starting a conversation when adding value. 

The reply will lead to a virtual coffee and then it’s up to you. 

Let’s touch on that gem at  6:17 minutes in that hopefully you caught.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy: The Warm Introduction

This LinkedIn strategy is absolutely brilliant. 

We all do this in business naturally I hope (asking for an introduction), but do you do this at scale?

Sure your connections can share your post or make a direct post, but making a warm introduction via LinkedIn messenger is so smart. 

It doesn’t have to be something salesy, nor should it. 

Something simple. Here’s what I’d message to my network about Darrell:

Hey {first name}

It’s been some time since we last spoke, I hope business is going well.

I see you’re pretty actively using LinkedIn for marketing, how’s it going? 

Hey I just connected recently with Darrell Weekes who really has some interesting ways of driving sales using LinkedIn. 

Highly recommend following him: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darrellweekes/

Watch the way he uses video on LinkedIn (it’s pretty cool). He’s from Australia also, thus you might see some Kangaroos. 

Let’s catch up soon. 


Now let’s say I decide to send that to 2,500 or maybe 5,000 of my connections? Here’s what happens: 

  1. Darrell will get many new connections/followers to engage with
  2. I’ve just added goodwill to my connections because I authentically believe what I messaged
  3. I’ve just built goodwill with Darrell
  4. I potentially can now start a conversation with my connections about SalesRocket

This is a win-win-win all around!

Here’s the one thing to be aware of. You will get a lot of replies and thus should prepare to be in LinkedIn Messenger for a while. 

Find a few connections to give this strategy a test. If you’re still trying to build your connections or followers, this could potentially be a great tactic and then follow the strategy above with your new connections. 

LinkedIn Marketing Summary

LinkedIn has over 600 million users and once you get a connection on LinkedIn the opportunity for them to engage with you in messenger is huge. 

Make sure that you have a strategy in place to not just build connections but build conversations. 

Connections alone will do you no good. 

This approach that Darrell shared is solid. 

  1. Personalize that outreach for the connection
  2. Use video in that connection request
  3. Follow up with an introductory video after that connection
  4. Ask open-ended questions to start a conversation
  5. Move that conversation to a virtual coffee

Don’t overcomplicate this, but do make sure you’re following up with each new connection. 

Lastly, partner with other connections you have on LinkedIn to mutually make an introduction to each other's connections in messenger. Make it authentic and not spammy (you don’t want to ruin your relationships). 

Connect with Darrell here and if you have any questions on how to make your B2B Sales Rocket, let’s connect right now by smashing that blue message button on the bottom right!

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Michael Kawula
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