My Emails Are Bouncing Back (Here's Why - Watch This)

Michael Kawula

If your emails are bouncing back and you’re wondering “what the heck is going on”, you’ll want to watch the video below.

I get it. You just bought what you believed were the best B2B contact records and company data in the world. 

You wrote a killer email that you know will drive responses. You hit send and emails are bouncing back one after another.

Watch this following video and then I’ve got some resources for you below. 

What to Do When Emails Are Bouncing Back

Why are emails bouncing back?

Well hopefully after watching that video you now have a better understanding.

Shawn went through a lot, so let’s recap with an outline you can use next time you purchase B2B data that you're told is accurate.

The first thing you’re doing is obviously purchasing the data (unless if you're using SalesRocket where you have unlimited data) 

Once you have your data, Shawn shared how he likes to upload that data to Apollo. 


Apollo does have a nice organized database.

When uploading data, you can also append your data and capture some additional information you may not have (firmagraphic, technographis and so on). 

Now, everyone that uses Apollo to email is also now sharing that exhaust data. What that means is Apollo is capturing whether that contact record is valid, meaning is that email delivered. 

The challenge though is they might show a record that was valid 12-months ago but has since changed. Thus if you email that contact you’ll see an email that bounces back (or worse it's now a spam trap). 

When this happens too much, you ruin your email reputation and start ending up in the promotions tab (or spam folder). 

Because their data isn’t actually verified, you should now download that data and upload it to an email verification tool to check it’s accuracy before emailing.

Now if you don’t use Apollo, don’t worry, you can skip that step. But you should definitely consider using an email validation tool for even a small portion of your list, to ensure it’s truly accurate. 

Here’s the problem though as Shawn pointed out in the video. 

Not all email verification tools are created equally. 

In-fact, we have a great relationship with EmailOversight and as you saw in the video, something tossed up a BIG RED FLAG. 

EmailOversight isn’t inexpensive and normally does a tremendous job, but because we monitor campaigns closely we noticed an abnormal bounce rate. So went for the quadruple verify (sounds fancy I know) by using TowerData.

What TowerData does exceptionally well is verifying catchall data. 

You might be asking what is catchall data?

30% of all email servers are set up as catchalls.

Meaning if a customer mistypes and emails vs. both will work.

That’s good for businesses that want leads. 

This is bad for marketers though who may get flagged as Spam and it will eventually ruin your email reputation. TowerData does a great job at verifying catchall emails and it’s why we like to verify and bounce our data across multiple platforms to protect our users. 

Now to be clear, NO ONE can verify all emails. Thus the more you check, the better you’ll protect your email reputation. You really want to avoid ‘complainers’ and ‘spam’ traps the most. 

Complainers are exactly as they sound! Those who will mark your email as SPAM.

Spam traps though are tricky. These are typically old employee email addresses who are no longer with a company, used to catch unsolicited email. They’re also fake accounts companies set up on popular scraped sites like LinkedIn to see if someone grabs that email address to email it.

Email a few SPAM TRAPS and you’ll toast your email account. 

Conclusion: How to Stop Emails from Bouncing Back

Hopefully we’ve convinced you on the importance of verifying data when doing any type of cold email outreach.

Look at this illustration:

email verification tools

This is a recently verified list of 47,915 records purchased from one of the top data providers for sales outreach. This publicly traded company who claims to have the best email data resulted in a list that we’d only recommend emailing to 63%.

Meaning you paid for almost 48,000 emails but should only use 30,000 of those emails. 

Get the point?

If your emails are bouncing back from data you're spending an arm & leg for, chances are it wasn’t ruthlessly verified.

Thus, give this data cleansing process a try and if this doesn’t work, next let’s review your email reputation in a future SalesRocket post. 

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