Using Sales Psychology To Win Even Against All Odds

Michael Kawula
March 18, 2021

Let's talk about Sales Psychology and how to win, even when you feel the odds are against you.

The skills of a salesperson crushing it versus another who's struggling comes down to two things.

It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, gorgeous, handsome or have the most eloquent way of speaking, if you don’t have these two salesperson skills, forget it.

Worried because you have a lisp? Ignore it.

How about if you’re vertically challenged (like myself)? 

Don’t worry about it. 

Today we have Dr. Donald Moine, a leading sales and marketing Psychologist since the 1970’s to share with us how to use sales psychology to win. 

In just 15-minutes Dr. Donald will show you how you can become like Bounty, the quicker picker-upper, but in sales! 

His processes have led to documented sales increases of more than $9 billion for his clients

If Redbull gives you wings, then Dr. Moine is about to give you ROCKET FUEL!

Buckle in because he’s going to share the story of Ben Feldman, the greatest insurance salesperson of all time. 

To Ben though, he didn’t sell insurance:

"I do not sell life insurance. I sell money. I sell dollars for pennies apiece. My dollars cost 3 cents per dollar per year."

The Core Two Skills of A Salesperson

After interviewing Dr. Moine I spoke with a friend who is a remarkable salesperson (one of the best I know).

I shared with him that I had spoken to Dr. Moine and he was mesmerized.

He had read Donald’s book “Unlimited Selling Power” considered one of the top 10 best books on Sales. 

He immediately asked what were his secrets on sales psychology?

Let’s dive into those ‘sales secrets’ a bit because I don’t think they’re necessarily secrets on selling, but they are sales skills most forget or ignore.

The Love What You Do Salesperson Skill

Is it really essential that you love what you sell?

The morning after speaking with Dr. Moine I saw a post on LinkedIn sharing:

Question: “How do you sell a product you don’t believe in?” You don’t”

Let’s be real. Some salespeople get jobs at companies for other reasons than the product or service they’ll be selling. Maybe it’s economic reasons (they need a job) or maybe financial (the company pays big commissions). 

But if we want to reach the Ben Feldman status and we don’t necessarily love our product, we can learn a lot from Ben. 

We can study our product or service like Ben did insurance and know everything possible about what it is we offer. 

That though isn’t enough. 

If we don’t LOVE WHAT WE SELL, reach out as a sales person to those who do love your product and learn why it is they do. 

For instance. I personally hate the cold. Me and Jack Frost aren’t good friends and the thought of skiing doesn’t excite me. Actually it frightens me because I not only hate the cold, but hate heights.

Now if I had to sell skis, I really don't personally LOVE the product. 

But instead I could learn everything about our company and our customers. I could put myself in the boots of the customers who do love the company and attach myself to how they feel and sell that. 

Which leads us to salesperson skill number two!

The Psycholinguistics Salesperson Trait

Don’t let the word psycholinguistics scare you, because it can actually arm you with an unfair advantage. 

Psycholinguistics is simply the science of words and language. 

Words are powerful and can either help or hurt you as a salesperson. 

Your choice of words can get someone to do or not to do what you’d like. Your tone also plays a very important role as Dr. Moine shared how Ron had a very soft voice.

Did you notice even how Dr. Moine around 7-minutes in was sharing the story? His tonality was poetic and captivating. 

Once you have your tonality in check you can start to craft your words like Ron. 

Did you notice how he didn’t use a negative word like ‘death’ which many will mention when selling life insurance? 

I loved this one line:

If you walk out Let me Walk In

Can I walk in with a check of $500,000 and share this with your significant other?

Customers would immediately ask how much they could get or how soon they could apply, all because he changed the conversation by reframing the words.

The key takeaway for you as a sales professional is to ask yourself, what words am I using in my presentation and how can I be more like Ben (regardless what industry you’re in). 

Sales Psychology Summary:

If you didn’t watch Dr. Moine’s video, please do. In-fact, I encourage you to watch it again and ask yourself how can I model what he shared for use in my company?

It really doesn’t matter what industry you are in. These sales skills can (and should) be applied in any industry. 

What are the top salespeople doing in your industry? 

Don’t just ask them, but watch them. As Donald shared, the top athletes don’t necessarily make great coaches but we can learn a lot by modeling their behavior.

Let’s recap the two key takeaways for any salesperson:

  1. Learn everything about your company, the product and your industry. Be an expert. Buy and own what it is you sell and experience what the customer who buys from you does. If you can’t own it, experience it by speaking to customers who do and learn to love it the way they do. 
  2. Master your words and the way you talk about what it is you offer. Ron didn’t sell death insurance or use negative language like other agents. He sold love! $1.8 Billion Dollars worth of love and over $100 million dollars in a single year. How can you use Psycholinguistics in your selling to become the best?

To connect with Dr. Donald Moine on LinkedIn click here

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Written by
Michael Kawula
Chief Evangelist at SalesRocket. Author, Marketer & Entrepreneur. Previous company was ranked #144th fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine